Sunday, March 14, 2010

So what's been up in the past 12 years?

I recently went to a good friends wedding who I have known for 18 years roughly. With attending that event a common question asked was, so what's up been up in the past 12 years. Well I have been meaning to write about my past for a while. One reason I haven't is because I dreaded spending a long time writing. So to make it easy and to go with the timing, I decided that I will write about the past 12 years in free writing for 12 minutes in silence. Meaning to write non-stop, one time through with no editing and just letting it flow out as it comes. Talk about really have organization of thoughts in line.

Starting now:

Ok so after graduating from Mount, I went to Central Catholic. There I spend my first two years of high school. Ironically it was also the two required years of ROTC. After that experience I knew that I did not want to join the military. For some reason, I dont know what it is, I decided to go to public school. It could have been because of several things; I felt bad that my high school tutition was so expensive, it was a private catholic school in San Antonio or maybe it was because I didnt really feel like I fit in or I just wanted to try something else. I transferred to a public school in a neighborhood in the area we moved. That wasn't that great of an experience. It was a tough move because everyone was so clickish. I arrived to late to really make any friend. I tried playing football to make friends and that didnt work because I way small and sucked pretty much. All in all high school kinda sucked.

Now in college, that is where life really took its course. My freshmen year I was in all types of clubs at school and very active around campus. I played lacrosse and we won our division championship that year, life was pretty good then. My sophmore year, the first semester, I joined a fraternity at UT and was living the dream. I met my current best friends and did a lot of great things over ther years there. From holding several positions like rush chair, social chair, philthanthropy and fundraising chair. Too funny because I didnt even goto that school I lived in the frat house my junior year. But hold up.

The summber between my sophmore and junior year, my dad died of widespread cancer. A few days prior to his death, I had a surgery for a partial thyroidectomy. A few days later he died then two days after his funeral I got a call from my doctor to go see him immediately. He told me face to face that I had cancer and that we would need to have suergery again in three weeks to take out the other half. To make a long story short, I beat cancer and survived school while working full time at a great company. I graduated magna cum laude honros with a double major in business administration and management. Also, that first semester in school, I met my first mentor who greatly influenced the path I am on today. She taught me the secret and I am seeing it manifest before me today, 5+ years later.

After graudating, I went on a mission trip to Peru and that was a great eye opening experience. A few months after that I went backpacking by myself around Europe for 31 days. I visisted 9 cities and 7 different countries. Aside from my plane ticket and train ticket, of which my family all got me combines. I ventured to Europe on less than a thousand dollars.

I thtne got back and spent two years working with Wells Fargo Bank, both in banking and as a credit manager during a major economic time. The stocket market got cut in half in a matter of months. After two years, I wanted to do something about the financial literarcy situation or lack of in the community. With out hte support of my brance (branch), I quit my job during the worst economic time to do so. I got heavily involved with social innovation and working to this day on developing a social innovation eco- system in Austin to drive real social impact through entrepreneurship. In addition to that, I am also working on various entrepreneurial ventures, One of which is really starting to take off and I am feeling really confident that this is going to be the hone that helps propel me to global recognition. We have a great team and a great strategy. Currently ,my family is awesome except for the fact that my aunt doesnt want anything to do with us. That is so unfortunate because she is reallly missing out. I have the most beautiful and adorable niece. The best big brother in the world, I owe much of my success and growth to him. His awesome wife, who has been a sister and great friend to me since the day she meant me, shes awesome. And my mother who I love so much and am more proud of her every day. She is currently going through a life change. She has lost a ton of weight, moved cities and uprooted her life to start anew with my bro, sis in law, baby k and me. Things are headed in the right track and I look forward to the next 10 amazing years.

bam done with ten seconds to spare.


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  1. i enjoyed your 12 min story - awesome about your cancer kicking - i'm currently fighting it. cheers