Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barr Mansion for Lee Leffingwell fundraiser

Well the highlight of my day yesterday was that I was invited to go to a fundraising event for Lee Leffingwell, running mayor candidate for Austin, Texas.

The event was at Barr Mansion, that place is absolutely amazing. It was such a beautiful property and everyone was so friendly. I met a few interesting people, one of them being Lee Leffingwell himself :)

I met an interesting green entrepreneur who makes compost tea. Unfortunately I did not get the name of his company nor contact info but it made for a great conversation. Click on tea compost to learn more from wikipedia. Pretty interesting concept. He also is working towards building a sustainable development that is completely green; he makes the houses out of natural products, like adobe houses.

In addition to that, I met an individual that is an animator/film maker/ and carpenter. Modern day renaissance man, much like myself.

It was an interesting experience to have attending this fundraising event, considering that I have never been to something like this. Its a bit intimidating to show up to an event with a bunch of people that I dont know but I managed.

I was also fortunate enough to meet a grant write from America Youth Works that was really interested in the Social Innovatin Hub that I am working on with a group of entreprneurs. Youth Works is opening up a green collars education program in south austin and it falls in line with what we are doing with the Austin Social Innovation Hub.

I was able to meet and greet Lee, shortly after his speech at the event. I mentioned to him briefly about the Social Innovation Hub and Social Innovation Incubator and he said "lets meet once I win office" so lets keep our fingers crossed. That would be great to get the mayors support on this developement from the get go.

After that event I left and hung out with my friend Justin a.k.a. Tiny.

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