Sunday, May 3, 2009

Biker fest event development updates.

Cory marrow - cant do it cuz he is booked but chances are looking good for Biker Fest 2010. Hey life is shot, you take it and either hit or miss or never shoot and never see if you hit something dead on.

Fryed Brothers- shooting a biker documentary and close to Willie Nelson. Proposed to end tour in Austin for Biker Fest and promote their documentary at the event. Well they are booked but next year looks good as well.

Vendors - not really happening but looking at providing entertainment instead such as a few ideas that we are looking to make happen.

Sold first ticket - did that by contacing people in motorcycle forums and promoting the event. Happened within minutes of starting that. We established a presence on Twitter, @bikerfest2009.

Now just trying to finalize the musical line up, details to come before end of the week.

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