Sunday, May 3, 2009

Social innovation incubator updates

If you are not familiar with the Austin Social Innovation Incubator, take a gander at this link to see what a group of entrepreneurs are working on.

* Forming the Incubator as a B Corporation.

* Using a funds tracking source by PhilanTech LLC called Philan Track
to facilitate the investment of funds into social ventures. I am
getting a demonstration from Dahna Goldstein, the founder, this week.
Once we set a time, I will send to the group.

* Structuring the business model of the Incubator to where businesses
the Incubator would invest in could buy the Incubators vested interest
back instead of pushing for some ridiculous Venture Capitalist rate of

* Implementing a Social Impact Return on Investment rating system to
gauge which socially conscious business ventures the Incubator takes


  1. Had a great online/phone call demonstration with Dahna Goldstein from PhilanTech LLC to show me how the Incubator could use the Philan Track software to facilitate the distribution of funds to social ventures. I think its going to be great, expect to see either that implemented into the incubator model or something similar.

  2. Shortly after that, I met up with Martin Montero for a meeting with Bread for the Journey and came up with some really great idea to leverage a strategic partnership with them that we are going to ideate more on it and see what develops.