Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pecan st festival blog

Went to the Pecan St Festival event this past weekend, May 2-3 in Austin, Texas to scope out vendors for Biker Fest 2009. I went in the understanding that booths cost $1k and and that roughly 300,000 people passed through and was two days long.

I went to go talk to any relevant vendors that might benefit from having a presence at Biker Fest, and talked to a few. Mainly tried to talk to food vendors, which quite a few were having big operations with ROT rally, but oh well we did get a few good leads and see this being a success.

Aside from that I ate a ton of bad food. I had part of a funnel cake, 3 cups of lemonade, a corndog, two fajita tacos, and a gelato dessert. Bulging at the belt but it was delicious. I sure did regret it after going to my brothers Spartan Work out.

Boy it was way hot that day. That was the worse part of the event but what can you expect. Great experience, so many booths to see, straight from brazos to IH 35.

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